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Aanoor Bagley Coir (P) Ltd is a Private Limited company and a pioneer in coir pith (coco peat) industry started on 1995. Aanoor Bagley coir (P) Ltd manufacturers and exports coir pith with its registered office at Coimbatore and the factory located about 100 kms from Coimbatore on Erode Kangayam Main Road.

This company was started and developed under the leadership of Mr.A.Sivakumar Mandradiar and steadily growing under the leadership of his son Mr.S.Naveen Mandradiar, Managing Director. The factory is in the span of 5 acres and also owns 300 acres of coconut farm from where it gets its own resource. Apart from this, the factory is situated in the midst of coconut fiber producing mills which enables to outsource the raw material coir pith and also gets raw material coir pith from its sister concern Sai Mandradiar Associates. Coir pith is widely used in commercial horticulture. Whether mixed with other growing media or used on its own, growers are switching to coir because of its excellent water holding capacity and air fill porosity. Coir pith has a naturally stable pH and makes an excellent replacement for sphagnum peat. It can also be used as an industrial absorbent. When used as growing media the fiber improves capillary action and drainage while the sponge-like pith material holds water inside. Coir pith is used for seed generation which speeds up germination and profuse rooting seedlings. This is also used for tissue culture which encourages initial growth phase of tissue cultured plants and grafted seedlings.

Aanoor Bagley Coir (P) Ltd has facility to produce buffered 5 Kg blocks, buffered 1 Kg blocks, low EC 5 Kg blocks, high EC 5 Kg blocks, Grow bags used for hydroponic purpose and also for retail purposes and husk chips blocks. The blocks are exported to Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Korea and China ABC is registered with Coir Board.