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Our Quality And Standards

As a coco peat related product manufacturer and exporter, Aanoor Bagley Coir has come a long way. Our rich experience in this product enables us to procure a quality raw material coco peat from our own fibre mill and also from other fibre mills in and around our factory. Our Quality person frequently visit the fibre mills to ensure that the mills are weed free and the millers produce good quality raw material coco peat. Quality checks are done for the incoming raw material, in process products and also for final product. Traceability can be done at any stages of the process. Well qualified Quality personnel’s are available and Aanoor Bagley Coir has its own laboratory set up to check all parameters of the coco peat. The factory premises are well maintained without weeds and weeds are removed on a frequent basis. Whenever a new personnel or new labourers are recruited, they are given an orientation on the personnel hygiene and product hygiene. This ensures that the best quality coco peat product is shipped. Our Coco peat is washed, dried, sieved, screened and graded before processed into various coco peat products for horticulture and agricultural applications as it stand out to be a multi-purpose soil conditioner.